Blog - Week 1 of the New Year - The Studio

Submitted by diana on Mon, 01/09/2017 - 5:05pm

Hello all!

May we have a better 2017 than 2016. It was an experience for me and my family. Moving on and looking toward the beautiful future! My 2017 Game Plan for Not Just Canvas says it WILL be so!!! Woo hooo!!!!

My studio got a "make-over" of sorts - aka cleaning and reorganizing. I spent most of the 1st week of the new year clearing out two storage closets, organizing my supplies vs completed stock, inventoried, boxed, and labeled, posted contents on supply closet door, put my paints on a shelf, more accessible and eliminates the clutter that was happening on my work station. Also, all the shipping supplies are in one place, not in this closet or that closet, or in the garage! Ahhhh! Now I can see exactly what colors and supplies I need and don't need. Yay me! Pats on the back commencing!

The picture is my new light box for taking photos of my art. I love it! The tripod doesn't have to be folded and put away, camera remounted and set, balance lights - just line up the new design/product and snap away!
It's tall enough for my 8"x10" canvases, and the wine glasses. Yes you read right - CANVASES! One of my items in my 2017 Game Plan - work on canvas more.

Now my studio is more welcoming. I look forward to "going to work" every day, having a inviting studio to paint, design, do paperwork (which is endless it seems), plus, it's a nice place to be!

Off to work on a series of canvases - HERBS - stay tuned for new pictures posted with the progress!
Talk to y'all next week!