Boot Mugs and Happy Customer!

Submitted by diana on Wed, 12/16/2015 - 3:05pm

Afternoon all! 

I am please to report my customer who suggested painting a boot on a white ceramic coffee mug was VERY happy with the finished product!  She told me "you rock!"  YAY!  Love love love my customers and making them happy.  The pix are here - at least I got a chance to take a good picture before the sun decided to go behind a cloud yesterday!  Wow!  Got dark as sundown time!  I had to turn the lights on just to see in the house. 

Today is a beautiful yet chilly day with the old North wind blowing her frigid puffs of air.  Supposed to get even colder over the next several days - bring it!  Maybe the bugs will finally hibernate for a while!

A fellow artist, JD, asked me if I wanted to take the 30 day painting challenge with other artists = WOW!  I will look at the rules to see if I have to actually paint something every day or able to use what I have created that few people have seen.   I DO love a challenge!

Next up, besides continuing to tidy and reorganize this studio, getting my tax paperwork together, laundry, shopping ....... well, art-wise, is a painting for hubby.  His favorite guitar is "Jade" - a beautiful guitar he has had for many years.  Always wanted to paint her for his birthday - lots have come and gone and no painting.  Well, it is a surprise, so he's not asking about it.  Besides, it's slowed down a little bit here order wise.  Although I did get an order yesterday for 10 gift bags and tags.  Nice to just pull from inventory at times! 

Have ideas for Valentine and Spring items coming up so watch here for new items. 

Y'all have a nice afternoon - we leave shortly to meet with our BFFs to book our trip to Italy next year - yay!  Will be a blast!

Remember - art is even in simple things like watching a squirrel bury nuts - his tail and all it's fur and beautiful colors.