My Art Journey - Studio Hours

Submitted by diana on Fri, 07/29/2016 - 3:45pm
After a day at "work" in the studio

Hello all,

I haven't blogged in a while - no time like the present! So here goes your weekly Not Just Canvas Blog, by widdle old me!

In attempting to get into a better studio/painting/business routine, I have posted my Studio Hours on my studio door - a reminder every day what time I should report for "work". It's worked pretty well, and yes, I'm into "over time" this week already. Uh-oh!
Monday I "stayed late" because I was sooooo into my current project, then had to put the studio to "bed" aka tidy up, make my To Do List for Tuesday. I filled my "Diary and Work Record" of my Day Timer for the day! YAY! Keeps me on track, helps me sleep at night, not worrying if I missed a deadline, or starting to work on a new design. Ahhh!
Tuesday - early for work and stayed late again, however many interruptions occurred taking me away from my work. No worries! There are times when you just have to lay down the paint brush and listen to friends. I did manage to renew a contact - BIG order resulted - quite the surprise! YAY!
Wednesday - my "day off" (isn't every day since I'm retired?!?!?), but it was a bad air day for me aka better breathing by NOT going outside. So I made the best of it - contacts, emails, phone calls, even painted a little.
Thursday - felt proud that I checked off 10 To Do items from my list AND cleaned up the studio!

The rest of the week, I'm "off" - free to do whatever I want - spend time with hubby, family and friends, eating out, watching videos, making contacts. Uh-oh - did it again! Went to "work" when I was supposed to be "off"!

As "they say", in conclusion, having regular studio hours has worked well for me. I'm more focused on the job at hand, knowing I have a certain time frame yet I don't feel rushed or pressed, I find I have more time to design, watch art coach videos, read, and communicate with friends and family to keep in touch. I'm a big letter writer!

Yes, I am retired and yes I love love love my art! I felt like I was floundering, not focused, jumping from project to project with several not complete. Having the structure of "work hours" has gotten me back on track.

The beauty of it all is........ I can "close" any time I want, and go on Vacation! See you this time next week!