Post Holidays - Ahhhh! Now on to the New Year!

Submitted by diana on Sat, 12/26/2015 - 10:49am

Hello y'all!

I am happy to report Not Just Canvas did well during the holiday rush.  I delivered my last order on Tuesday 12/23 - a ceramic tile of OSU logo.  Customer, Lou, was very happy and has indicated he will place another order very soon.

Several other customers have indicated they want pet portraits done on ceramic tiles as well.  I LOVE multiple projects and orders to work on at one time!  Guess that's how I roll!

I have started designing holiday cards for 2016 - yup!  gonna do it on a small scale, making the cards specialized and personalized for customers to add to their gifts.  Hallmark and American Greeting cards can run up to $10!  I will be offering my cards for half the price, which is great!  Yes, it's "only a card", however, it will be customized with your name and the receiver's name.  Hallmark can't do that!  Plus you will be supporting the hobby/business of a local artist!

Also thinking of providing a combo package - gift bag, gift tag, and holiday card for one price.  The combo pack I assembled of this cowboy leaning against a Texas flag was very popular.  One customer selected the bag, a Texas Star ceramic tile, and a bluebonnet bookmark to be shipped to Alaska for a homesick Texas friend.  She was very happy!  Me too!!!

Yesterday was our family Christmas with my hubby's side of the family - we are a blended family, of which many are these days.  I included my bookworm bookmarks for the 9 yr old and 5 yr old with their names.  They were THRILLED!  "WOW!  A bookmark!!! With my name on it!!!!  Cool!  Thanks Nana!"  I didn't give one to the soon to be 15 year old, thinking she was "beyond that stuff".  Nope!  She wants a bookworm too! 

So, next time you are looking for a little something to include in a birthday gift, think personalized bookmarks and contact me!  Free shipping - you can't go wrong! 

Best get going.  Hubby needs my computer and printer to get his CEU's done for work.  Oh well!  I always have lots to do, including repairing his scrubs' buttons, and hemming his new ones.  Wonder where I stored the sewing machine???

Remember - art is in your heart just waiting to come out and show the world!