SPRING ART SHOW!!! April 9th - Oakland Park, Fort Worth, Texas

Submitted by diana on Mon, 03/07/2016 - 1:04pm

Hello all!

Spring is in the air, rain-laden clouds, flowers budding and blooming.  Love it!  Iris and white dasies blooming - roses putting out new growth, veggies peeking thru the soil - love it!

Busy painting, designing, and filling orders for customers.  The last one is a few hours from being complete.  The gray skies today don't allow good light - but the sun will come out sometime this week!

Flower pots are my newest addition to the website - check it out!  Wanting to spruce up my own flower pots - here we go again!  Five designs, so far, others rattling around in my head. 

Preparing for an art show at the Oakland Park Classic Car/Truck Show on April 9th.  I will be there from noon-4 pm.  Live music and yes I'm in the band, All Together Now.  A dear friend will be "manning" my booth while I bang on the tambourine and shakers - Thank you Beth! 

Updated the website with the new items, removed a few old ones that didn't sell at all, placing them in the clearance section.

Gotta run and get bookmarks painted for a delivery/shipment this week!  In the meantime, I'm finishing up a pet portrait of Ziva, a cute Yorkie that will capture your heart.  :-)