Week 3 - Part of the 2017 Game Plan

Submitted by diana on Tue, 01/24/2017 - 9:50am

Hello! Good to see you again!

I skipped Week 2, busy getting my 2017 Game Plan for Not Just Canvas is underway. Forgive me please! I am happy to announce - Success and Progress!

The studio has never looked better - a pleasure to arrive & find it all in order, even after a busy day painting, researching, printing, working on taxes. Paperwork/computer work overruling painting/designing are necessary tasks in this business!

Part of my 2017 Game Plan is to blog every week. After a few weeks, it will become a habit, that I hope you will include in your reading schedule as well. I've made progress for January which has 14 suggestions/goals - I'm happy to announce I've completed all except two. I've added items to the next several months, fleshing out the Plan, so to speak. It also includes upcoming craft and art shows, and making more use of networking contacts.

One Goal, achieved 1/8, was to have an Auction of sorts, to showcase items rarely seen in my posts. I'm happy to say, it was very successful! The bidding was quite intense at times! Several happy customers have received their purchases. The next auction will occur in 6 weeks. I'll post the dates here and on Facebook, so mark your calendars!

My other goal was to work more on canvas. These little gems pictured are 4" square canvases, gallery wrapped, spelling out h e r b s, for my kitchen walls. I posted the all of letters you see here, to show you the progress. The h and the e are finished - received two orders after posting on my Facebook group, Not Just Canvas and More! How cool is that! Now all are finished and ready to hang up. The lettering is available in other colors as well.

Next up is a dragon on canvas! Yup! stepping out of the box so to speak. I'll post the progress, in pictures, on my Facebook group, Not Just Canvas and More. It's fun to see how the painting develops, even for me!

In the meantime, message me here thru my website, with any questions.

Remember - art is where you find it - in a trembling leaf in the wind, or a sunrise bathing the sky with ever changing colors.