Writing About My Art

Submitted by diana on Fri, 08/05/2016 - 12:03pm

Hello all!
I've had several folk ask "what do you do all day since you retired?" Well, I work on my art, business, exercise, and just life in general. It's pretty full! Here's an example of Monday this past week.

Monday - watched an art coach video about sharing my art on social media and OUTSIDE the studio, not just craft shows.
ordered post cards and return address stamp from Vista Print, made file for Vista Print
painted on 5 gallon bucket for Poly HS - school bus with orange and black parrot for fund raiser opportunities to get the cheer team to NYC, Macy's T-Day parade, sent pix to Coach Neta
Cleaned up studio
Ordered books on line, checked tracking on previous order
Received payment from 2 customers, made out deposit slip, messaged customers of payment received ok.
Finished painting order of 3 switch plates, addressed envelope, packaged switch plates, wrote note to customer
Sent email to Hollywood Feed buyer, attached paw print wine glass and book mark pictures
Posted Pay Pal information on Facebook
Added Arts Goggle date and information to website
Added A Taste of Northeast date and info to website
Updated customer cards
Started order of Memory tile for customer
Late afternoon - sealed bucket - done!
Posted Thought for the Day

This is just one day in my studio - started at 7:30, left "work" about 6:00. Yes I take breaks, have lunch, and walk around the block to clear my head.