About Diana Dupré

As a Fort Worth native, I traveled across the oceans and the United States, finally coming back "home" in 1994.

I have always sketched, drawn with colored pencils, and painted on everything from canvas to wall murals.  Each home I occupied had a little piece of art work left behind.  It's hard to move walls!

In the mid '90s I was wondering how to repair a water stained kitchen tabletop, watched PBS and saw beauty in the transformation a simple wooden box into a work of art.  I knew I could paint flowers and leaves to repair the table, so off I went to find my paints, brushes.  Several hours later, the tabletop was transformed into a flower garden complete with a birdhouse and butterflies. Several friends saw my tabletop and loved it, saying they would pay me to paint for them, I saw opportunity to make a little extra money.  Little did I know it would change my life, in a good way!

Each home I occupied had a little piece of art work left behind.

A ceramic tile because a coaster with Chinese symbols for Love, Life, and Wine.  A simple display at the office generated many orders.  My spare time was spent painting, deliverying, marketing, and purchasing.  I had met the love of my life, Steve.  We wed in 2005 and bought a home in West Meadowbrook.

A simple garden stepping stone was drab and dull in our walkway, so I purchased another stone, it, painted a coneflower garden, sealed it with concrete sealant and put it back in the walkway.  As I told others what I had done and the pictures, the orders flooded in!  Amazing!  After a friend's "fur baby" died suddenly, I painted my impression of Sparky looking across a field ready to run, which he loved to do.  She was so touched, she shared and recommended pet portraits to her friends and and Boom!  Pet Portraits by Not Just Canvas was born.  To date, I have painted over 50 stepping stones and ceramic tiles for customers on the 12 lb stepping stones.  These make lasting and unique gifts.

I retired from the State Office of Adminsitrative Hearings in September 2011.  I picked up my brushes again to paint a mural on the now studio wall with my granddaughter, Emma.  The holidays were coming up quickly and I wanted to paint gift bags for friends and family.  The grandkids' bags were personalized Santa Claus.  The rest were small bags with various holiday themed motifs - a BIG hit!  I posted several on a local social outlet and orders started trickling in.  I was back to painting, meeting customers, and sharing my talents with others.

Not Just Canvas name came about because I painted on everything BUT canvas.   Bookmarks, trivet and coaster sets, gift bags, palm sized rocks, and of course, stepping stones are the new "canvas".  Painting on canvas is fun too!