About Diana Dupré

I am Diana Sue Lindsey Dupre.  My mother wanted to name me Diana Kay, my father wanted Mary Sue, aka Susie, after his sister.  They compromised - Diana Sue however, my father got the last laugh.  He said he couldn't pronounce Diana, it came out Denama, so he called me Susie, much to my mother's dismay.  

Growing up in Fort Worth I couldn't wait until I flew the nest to Honolulu to start married life, enduring living in many states & cities.  I had to return & get settled back in Fort Worth in the late ''90s, home sweet home.  Mother Nature and I get along well, as indicated by our "work-in-progress" gardens aka The Iris House.  Rescued 50-70 yr old iris from childhood home and neighbors, a riot of purple, white, lavendar, bronze, and yellow.  

Art is in Nature - the letters are just rearranged, and remember EARTH without Art is eh!