Artist Who Paints and Wears Many Hats!

Submitted by diana on Mon, 08/31/2015 - 10:35am

Good morning all!  If you think I just paint and design most days, you are not quite right.  As most small business owners, I wear LOTS of hats.  I AM the shipping, receiving, accounts receivable, inventory control, inventory, PR, and marketing person.  It's quite the hat collection I own!  Here's a little story of how a recent visit to the post office was a real eye opener, which resulted in....... well, you can read the blog.

This morning, besides catching up on household chores, I had "paperwork' to complete; postal supplies to order, packages to ready for shipment, emails and messages to answer - oh my!  I did get another bookmark order! YAY!

I learned a valuable lesson about the post office last week.  I had 2 orders to ship - one packed in a Priority Mail box and the other in a previously received order in an Amazon box.  Both weighed about the same, one to Bend, OR, and the other to Dallas.  The Bend, OR box cost me $10.40 to mail - same size and weight as the Priority Mail box  - cost was $5.95!!!!!   It was NOT the location, just the packaging!

I was at a loss for words and dismayed as to the almost double cost for the Oregon shipment.  The clerk explained using a Priority Mail box does several things for the customer: 1) provides a tracking number, 2) automatically insured for $50, 3) standard size boxes, 4) delivery guaranteed within posted time.  The "old" way of shipping is more costly, and paying for insurance adds to the postage.  Plus, shipment twice as long, twice as much $$, and scrounging for a box isn't always practical or accepted by the post office criteria.  You have to blacken all SKU and bar codes.  Messy looking package.  Not what I want to have representing my business or me!

I had an account with the post office long ago, in 1995, since then I "misplaced" the info.  Instead of looking frantically, I made an "executive decision" and created a new account!  Getting boxes and labels in quanities while at the post office isn't fair to other customers since I use so many.  Last shipment I made, I inquired if I could have several labels and boxes to "stock up".  The clerk said to order free online!  YAY!  Who doesn't like FREE???? 

The process was very simple but time consuming, as always.  The first time setting up items always takes that precious and priceless commodity - time. 

I am happy to say it's all done, ordered, and I have a tracking number.  I ordered labels, boxes, and Fragile stickers.  Now I can package and get the 3 orders I have completed shipped out sooner than later!

So...... I'm now a better prepared customer of the post office and ordered my supplies online.  Just another step in continuing to improve my customer service. It's a win win situation for my customers and the post office.

Off to the post office to get boxes so I can ship out these orders, notify customers of shipment with tracking number, track the orders, and finally, get good news of the shipment arriving safely from my customer.

I'm tired now - time for a break!