Back to Work after Granddaughter and Cousin Visit

Submitted by diana on Thu, 07/23/2015 - 9:36am

Morning all!  I haven't been on the computer since my last blog because I had my 13 year old granddaughter, who is a gifted artist, and her cousin staying with us for 3 days.  Event filled, laughter filled, busy, and all that comes with it.  The young Definately should have and care for the young!  This Nana is pretty tired!  Mountains of laundry await but art is calling.  Besides, what is more simple than to load the washer (takes less than 2 minutes), back inside in the cool to work on client's orders?!?  So my appliances are "working" while I work as well.  Sleep didn't come rapidly last night - my mind was busy packing for our trip next Friday morning for 2 weeks!  Oregon - here we come!

Today I'm working on Jackson, a champion golden retriever, on a step stone.  I HAD his head finished, working on his body and just didn't like it at all.  So I scrapped the entire step stones akak covered it with background paint, deciding to do a head shot instead.  My goal today, since it's soooooo hot and still out, is to almost complete Jackson.  Between laundry loads of towels and sheets, progress will be made.  Also, finish the last cat in the Cattitude order, ready it to mail tomorrow morning, paint the paws on the 3 ceramic tile Paws on Heart, and names, paint a white dog with black fur markings for Lori's late fur baby Muffin. 

The last two items are "free".  These ladies are long time customers who have lost their fur babies over the last year.  As time and funds permit, I paint either a bookmark or a ceramic tile for them.  Nice gesture of sympathy aka labor of love.

The ceramic tiles are for greyhounds that have crossed the rainbow bridge.  I have a contact to speak with regarding my website getting linked to the GALT, Greyhound Adoption League of North Texas, website!  YAY!  My contact works full time, so speaking with her is either weekends or evenings.  We've been playing phone tag.  Stay tuned!

Received payment for an order for a horse head, Apache, on a ceramic tile!  Must get it out of here before vacation. 

Five step stones are awaiting notification from clients for delivery - Golfer (tribute to my late golf fanatic cousin Don), Pot of Daisies, Leave Room for Angels to Dance, Ocean Waves, and a Bluebonnet.  All are paid in full and ready to go.  Summer is a tuff time to coordinate everything - vacations, heat, ozone, you name it!  At least all are ready.

Next week I deliver 81 Bookworm bookmarks to my client.  The order originally was 75, increased after a final head count and female/male ratio confirmation, to 81.  A new invoice was emailed to my client.  I posted a remark on Next Door Neighbor and promptly got a response from a teacher who knows other teachers at T.A.Sims Elementary - the final destination of the bookmarks to be a part of the Welcome Back to School package being assembled.  YAY!

Did my walk this morning, ready to get busy.  Today I'm meeting my BFFs for my belated birthday dinner, about 5ish.  Can't wait!  Next week will be busy packing, last minute details, errands, car serviced, laundry, shopping.  And painting!

Remember, art is right at your fingertips, just look beyond your hands and an entire "art museum" is there for the looking.