A busy and hot week - Wednesday

Submitted by diana on Wed, 06/24/2015 - 4:39pm

Hello!  It's been a short week full of adventures, surprises, and events.  The first "event" is my printer is out of black ink - with no warning, other than to just print 2/3 of the page and fade out.  Wow!  Will order ink, just black, this evening from place where hubby gets his.  This printer is from 2006, should be on her last legs.  Something tells me she is.  Oh well!  Part of the printer problem discovery occured when I tried to print a letter to Under the Stars to accompany my consignment contract.  Yup!  Decided to go for it and take a leap of faith, sending about 36 bookmarks across country to Ohio.  Once I get the letter printed, contrace and fee mailed, get a return contract signed, I'll ship off the bookmarks - coneflowers, bookworms and owls - 12 each.  Offering them for $6 which is what is on the website.  Gotta find a pricetag to adhere to the outside of the plastic sleeve, or a dangling one.  It's a stumper!

The "adventure" is that I have started on the 16"x20" canvas yesterday, after working on the Angel in the Garden saying for a while, and Jackson, the dog stones.  All 3 are coming along.  Guess my "style" is working on multiple projects at a time.  Delivered Flutter on Tuesday to my client.  She loved it, "it's more vivid that I thought it would be - love the colors of the flowers and the intensity of the yellow and black butterfly.  My friend will LOVE it!  I may keep it for myself!"  YAY!  Love love having a happy customer!  Also got paid for 5 bookmarks - $20.  My deposit should be almost $200 this time.  yay!

The air is still and hot = OZONE action days coming up.  Yuck!  I do have several things to keep my busy.  Nothing new in the que, except the 75 bookwork bookmarks.  After those are finished I won't have any orders.  I have faith, and pray i will get more orders.  Next week I'm presenting the $$ to the Mission for the Homeless Coat fund.  It won't be the $1,000 I had hoped, but very close.  I had registration expenses  for Arts Goggle, and A Taste of Northeast to the tune of $125.  Gotta spend some money to make money.  No worries, plus hubby said to take my art supplies out of our account and not mine.  He's buying me 12 fine line brushes, 12 step stones, gallon of sealant - all just cuz he loves me and what I'm doing. 

If not for this website and my artwork, I fear I would be very bored and unhappy!  One can volunteer just so much.  I get tired.  Oh yes, I fell into a box at the Mission yesterday!  I was backing up, getting out of the way from a co-worker, tripped and fell butt first into a boxed kit.  My head bounced off a bag of soft towels and sheets, fortunately.  Today I was sore and tired.  Wow! 

This evening I will deliver 2 ceramic tiles as fund raisers for the Johnny Nitzinger benefit on Sunday.  I'm not attending because Steve's grand-nephew Max is having his first birthday party and we are picking up our grandsons to attend the party aka swimming and eating cake.  Oh well!  Life gets in the way some times of our dreams

Tomorrow is lunch with my friend Natalie.  I want to contact the local vet a few blocks from here and talk to him/her about including my Paw Print on Your Heart ceramic tile as part of their cremation/memory package.  Selling it to them for $10 would be a nice touch.  Would love to type up a proposal but with the @#$%^ printer not working, I can't.  Maybe next week.  Grrrr. Well, I don't have the proposal done or an appointment set up, so I'm putting the cart before the horse, so to speak.

Friday, we are going grocery shopping early after hubby mows the grass, meeting friends for a in-house concert about 7ish.  Saturday is band practice evening so probably just stay home and veg out of the heat.  Sunday we are picking up Luke and Liam about 4 for the party in Arlington.  Then it starts all over again!

Life is short

Life is sweet

Don't go thru it draggin your feet

Get out of bed and embrace the day

You never have this chance at life again.