Catching Up!

Submitted by diana on Mon, 07/13/2015 - 12:02pm

Hello - welcome back to my blog.  My goals this week are to take it finish up pending orders, post the cat bookmarks I designed, work on my website, Etsy and Pinterest sites, create a proposal for a local animal hospital to offer the heart with paw print ceramic tile for a memory placque, publish new designs - gotta work on that!  Whew!  I'm tired just typing it!  Attempting to install another program for correcting photos, making them website ready, so to speak.  I used Picasa before which allows me to put my business name on each design, to prevent folks making a print of my original design.  Picked up my business cards last week from Velia - she reversed the hummingbird, made 200 for me - looks wonderful.  Now to get the photo from her so i can order more from Vista Print in time for the 2 big shows coming up in October and November.  We had to buy a new printer after all.  This HP Photosmart 2006 model finally bit the dust.  Now I have a new one which copies, scans, prints double sided - yay!  Just gotta install it and get rid of the old printer.  Found a place who takes old electronics - hopefully will get to drop them off before we leave on vacation in 2 weeks.  Have hubby's old Dell, the printer, a kindle, and a couple of cameras, plus cables and everything else.  Nice to get them out of the house/closets. 

This week it's hot hot hot here in Texas!  100 degrees isn't fun plus the ozone is doing it's thing as well.  It's a yellow day today & has been since last Thursday. I have breathing issues when the ozone is Orange, unhealthful for everyone one.  Last year, the Yellow warning which is for sensitive people started to affect me.  Long as I don't exert myself, do manual labor like walking in the cool morning air, work in the yard, clean the house, I'm ok.  As you have probably figured out, I have difficulity sitting still.  After my walk Saturday, I was feeling alarmingly tired, yawning, and couldn't get my breath.  Gues what!?!  It was a Yellow day and I walked = bad news!  Breathing treatments are devine! 

Ok - now for the artwork I'm doing.  I designed a cat bookmark - kinda cartoon like - cats with attitudes.  Posted it on Facebook and promptly got 3 orders!  Wow!  So now I'm working on designing a series of cat bookmarks.  Already got a request for a doxie dog bookmark.  Yay! 

As I told you quite a while ago, part of my earnings go to a local mission that helps the homeless.  Last week i was proud to make a large monetary donation, earmarked for winter coats for the homeless.  It should purchase about 70-80 coats (assistant director was able to find a site last year where the coats were about $10 each and VERY good coats!)  I was short about 20% but felt I could give that later in the form of backpacks which are like gold to a homeless person.  Garage sales this time of year are a great way to get gently used backpacks for a homeless person to have some dignity missing when using a plastic trashbag for belongings. 

Off to install picmonkey photoshop program!  Later!

Remember, a smile costs nothing.  Giving one to a stranger will make them smile back and lift up your heart!