Computer Work isn't As Fun as Painting!

Submitted by diana on Tue, 07/03/2018 - 3:54pm

Computer work is a must, along with the seemingly endless paperwork that comes with having a business, even as small as mine!

Today I entered 45 email addresses, made a list of inquiries for products, logged in my expenses, miles, deposited a check (yay!), added a new show to the website, and new products.  And I thought Retirement would be boring....... LOVE it!  Especially those after lunch power naps! 

This little coffee mug design came to me as I watched the sun rise a few weeks ago.  The merry eyes on the sun peeking over the clouds - sets the tone for the day!  

On my work table are 15 rocks to be painted, 2 new wineglass designs, 3 red ceramic tiles for Chinese symbols, & my mini canvases of Love, Peace, Hope and Faith.

Tidying up my messy desk, listing tomorrow's tasks - getting ready for Fort Worth Fire Beats on Thursday!!!!

See you there And out and about soon!