A Day in the Life of an Artist!

Submitted by diana on Tue, 08/25/2015 - 12:38pm

Morning all! 

Yesterday I painted and finished several items that have been hanging around a few weeks.  A new design is a ceramic tile titled, Coyote Howling at the Moon - new ones always take more time to get it right.  I "erased" aka washed off, this design several times before I was happy with it.  The other items are ceramic tiles for memorial of fur babies which are personalized, bookmarks of a labradoer, greyhound in black silhouettes, sketchy grapes for us wine lovers, and whimisical ladybugs. 

Since my back and hip were spasming BIG time, it was good to be in the studio and forget about my pain, at least try.  Funny how the mind works - not focusing on pain and getting distracted works, at least for me.

My website hours were way tooooo long to be "open" - wanted to change the hours to time I actually spend in the studio which is NOT 7 days a week.  Nope, just 3 days a week, off and on.  After all, there is other life "out there"!

Seraching for notes to make the change took me a while, plus an email to my web builder person, to figure out how to accomplish this simple task and such.   Ta Da!!!!  Its all on my Square site, under Account Settings, Business Info, and Business Profile - duh!  This time I wrote it down in my address book with all my Square info.  Growing older has caused my multi-tasking abilities to lessen just like everyone else.  Oh well, makes for better days doing things slower and not worrying about items running together.  The brain gets too cluttered with requests at times ya know!  My calendar and habit of writing down my goals for the week/month/year has helped a lot.  When did I have time to work outside of our home?

Mission Accomplished!!!!Hours were changed, my phone number removed, and this blog started.  On to other details of my "morning as an artist so far."

My ceramic tiles had to be sealed, so off to the garage to spray the sealant, making sure no dust was around.  Hard to do at times.  I get ahead of myself and rush. 

Had to set up the camera, haul everything outside on the front porch to my trusty porch chair (my Mimi's from the '50s I've moved around for decades), and set the "stage".

Thank goodness for the tripod!  Makes excellent balance and easy to manuever around.  Set up the tiles of Allie, Bugsy, and Phoenix (fur babies who have crossed the rainbow bridge), made group and individual shots - good!

Set up the Coyote Howling at the Moon - took several pix, including one with cactus in bloom.  Looking good and going well!

Bookmarks were last - I had hammered in a straight pin on the top slat of the chairback to hold the bookmarks steady.  It's been a while since I took bookmark pix so I had forgotten to use the ribbon to hold it straight instead of the ribbon hole.  The bookmarks were at odd angles then it hit me - duh!  Use the ribbon to anchor the bookmarks!  Pix turned out great - so I thought....

Back inside to download the camera and do editing.  Oh. My. Goodness!!!!  Glaring pieces of dust, unpainted areas, errors in placement, no signatures, and glare of light!  Have to take another set of pix after fixing errors, and such. You are thinking, "why didn't you see it on the camera?"  This camera doesn't show the errors until I get a BIG pic on the computer when editing AND a tiny 3"x2" screen is hard to see details.

It's after noon.  I've done no painting today, as planned.  The day isn't over - yay!  So far I have "just" worked on the website, sent emails for follow up on orders, and taken pix, downloaded, uploaded, edited, and such.

Off to have a little lunch and rest my back and hip.  Here 's the only pic I liked from the photo session - a bookmark for those who love to read while drinking wine but often have trouble with their last place.  ha! ha!

Later folks - remember art isn't always perfect - neither are we!