Submitted by diana on Sun, 08/30/2015 - 2:40pm

Afternoon all!

I finally got around to painting a much requested dragon bookmark.  I showed it to a friend at her party last night and got several inquiries for price and "I want to buy one!!"

Next up is a simple hummingbird, by request.  A horse head with a horse shoe is completed, working on bigger items for tiles.  Oh to Just to have enough good hours in the day to get these completed would be nice.

You are wondering why I don't work 12 hr days - the light my friend, IS my friend.  Overhead lights casts shadows and falsify the colors.  Tried to work on a painting at night which I thought looked good.  Imagine my dismay seeing the painting in true natural light the next day!  Muddy colors, non complimentary, and just off.  Time wasted is time lost. 

Fortunately for me I have a wonderful studio in our home.  My studio faces east, two big windows I love, and a lovely large south window for full "art" exposure.  Unfortunately there are no windows on the North side of the house.  For centuries artists have loved a northern exposure for natural light.  Some times one has to go with what is available, in my case, where my studio is located!

From about 9-2pm the light is wonderful - no shadows or glares.  Over the winter I tried to paint with an Ott light - used by a lot of artists and such but the glare was, well, glaring.  A light box is what I really need.  A simple box with a soft light bulb under a frosted glass, enclosed in wood.  They are expensive - my goal is to get one before the days shorten. 

Back to the "drawing board" before the light leaves.  At least I can work on computer stuff when the light has left for the day.

Remember - art is where you find it, like love.  Stop looking and there it is - right before you!

Have a good un!