Expanding my horizons!

Submitted by diana on Fri, 09/04/2015 - 2:33pm

Afternoon all - this computer sure is a time bandit, especially Facebook!  No wonder!  Lots of informative ideas out there.  Fortunately for me a customer has helped me "expand my horizons" in a BIG way.  Taking a leap of faith never felt sooo good! 

I created a Facebook Group - Not Just Canvas and More - not a page, but an actual group where folks look at my new stuff.  No more posting on my timeline of new stuff.  They will have to go to my group page to see the new psotings AND to my website - YAY! to order!  Brillant! 

I had poo-pooed the idea of selling my bookmarks in Ohio - thinking it was too far away, $50 set up fee and no way to control where my bookmarks are displayed.  But after thinking about it, seeing her posts constantly - wake up and just do it!  So this evening I will write my letter to Under the Stars, send in my check for $50, getting 70% of my sales is pretty good actually I've discovered!  Mail it off with my bookmarks and just let it go! 

I'm working on notecards again - a hummingbird, set of 8 is $20.  Trying a hummingbird bookmark for a customer as well. 

Better discipline is order for sure!  Have a tendancy to spend silly time on the computer but then it's not so "silly" when you make friends, contacts, and get valuable info. 

Best get off this crazy computer and start painting/coloring with pencils, and fill those 3 pending orders.  Plus taking pix on Sunday and posting to the website AND to the Facebook group will take a while. 

When DID I have time to work????