Jackson and Abby - two shipments delivered!

Submitted by diana on Thu, 09/10/2015 - 4:40pm

Hello everyone!  It's another hot and humid afternoon.  A "cold front" is on the way, having stalled out just south of us, to hopefully, trigger showers.  It gets cloudy and dark and then El Sol rules again. 

Received a wonderful compliment for Jackson's human, Linda.  She received the stone today and said just seeing his face brought tears to her eyes.  She really misses him!  Made me cry!  I had just emailed or messaged her the tracking numbers from Priority Mail.  Quick to Dallas - just over 24 hours - wow! 

Finished packaging up all 48 bookmarks to ship to Under the Stars in Ohio, the art gallery/shop I have mentioned in past posts.  Just gotta write a bio about me - always tuff because I'm a little wordy but just a simple statement will be great.  Yup!  I took a leap of faith and just decided to let it all go and the outcome is NOT in my control! 

Gearing up for Arts Goggle - taking inventory, lining up projects to paint aka more dragon bookmarks for sure and maybe a dragon tile or two. 

Working out in my head how to set up my table at Arts Goggle - Have examples of everything for sale, one of each item, and the rest in boxes under the table.  The tiles are the weighty ones in a box, and the palm size river rocks I always for the kiddos.  Will have a lamp to contend with - maybe a gooseneck for the table and a "garage clip" light for the tip of the canopy.  Pray the weather is fine for this event.  It would be a shame for all the working artists to have the event cancelled due to weather.  We can stand the cold, some what, but rain for one 12 hour shift is no bueno.  Hubby will help me set up then probably disappear for a while.  Oh well!  Taking the kitchen mat to stand on because it's comfy and eases the pain in my back and mostly hip.  Yay! 

It's been an off and on week for me.  Hubby likes my attention when he's home so we can spend time together.  It's approaching a year since his sweet momma left us, so he's wanting me close by.  Understand.....

Back to it.  Got an order for 10 labrador bookmarks - no money just yet however, she's really INTO labrador rescue and placing thorobread puppies for adoption.  Would be wonderful when I get orders from her friends too. 

Remember - art is out there, even in a storm caused traffic jam.  The rows of red lights is beautiful, unless you are in it!  :-)