The Journey of a Dragon Bookmark

Submitted by diana on Tue, 09/15/2015 - 4:39pm

Afternoon all!

Working on pumping up my inventory for the Arts Goggle October 10th - painting 50 more dragon bookmarks in anticipation of selling out!  Talk about optimistic!  That's me!  Here goes

1.  Trace outline of dragon from template

2.  Paint dragon head with large brush

3.  Fill in details with 00 brush

4.  Sketch 'claw prints"

5.  "Color" in claw prints with black sharpie

6.  Paint in gold "eyeball" and make small iris with )

7.  Paint red tongue

8.  Sign all

9.  Business name on back

10.  Ribbon and go to the next one!

It's quite the process and I'm seriously thinking of raising my price but I DO want to sell them, not keep in storage.  There is room for me to personalize it as well. 

I started another group - Not Just Canvas and More on Facebook - gotten a lot of interest and invited more folks.  One order, so far, but no $$ received.  No painting starts until the $$ is deposited. 

Gotta make pumpkin muffins for hubby!

Remember - art is best shown in natural light.  Beauty is where you find it.