Post Art Show and Sale News!

Submitted by diana on Mon, 12/07/2015 - 3:28pm

Hello all!  Enjoying this beautiful Fall day!  It's a little cool for me - the cool air affects the broken leg making it ache and hurt - but that's better than being in a cast forever!  More on that later!

My FIRST ANNUAL NOT JUST CANVAS NON-STRESS SHOPPING EVENT was held Sunday December 6th, 1-4 pm.  I had a good, steady crowd, busy enough to keep me on my toes.  Meet new folks, reacquainted myself with a friend from elementary and junior high school days - our 50th reunion comes up next year - when did that happen!?!  I digress!

Hubby was a jewel as always, helped me put up my banner in the front flowerbed.  Next year he will put nails around the dining room window frame and hang it much easier there.  The wind wasn't nice.  Learning as we go!

My plan of having a display just here in the studio kinda morphed into our living and dining room - one BIG room with lots of natural light.  It worked out great!  I'll download some pix to share soon.  Worked Friday and Saturday getting things set up, rearranged, and all. 

My friend Natalie of NKP Designs joined in and brought ceramic whistles of different sizes and tiny ceramic bowls she designed, glazed, and fired - think rings and earrings container.  I'm getting one!  She had a few sales and lots of inquiries - yay!

My son Daniel joined in as well - Recycled Mosiacs.  You will have to look at his website of the same name.  He "paints" with tiny silvers of candy wrappers, bottle labels, and such to create a painting.  He was selling his prints and one original design.  All of his flyers are gone and several of his business cards.  He sold 2 prints.

All in all, the sale is one I'm willing to have annually.  Now, to get hubby to allow me to keep it all set up in the dining and living room!  After all, we don't use that table very often......  Ok, I'll take it down after the first of the year and then start getting ready for Easter and Mother's Day and Father's Day and Graduation and weddings - oh my! 

Toying with the idea of registering for another show in April - Bedford Art Festival and Craft show.  The fee is only $50 if I take my tent, tables and chairs, $100 if they furnish the tent.  That's a lot of bookmarks, gift bags, and such to sell to make that booth rent.  Besides, it is OUTSIDE, so we are at the mercy of the elements. Life of a craft/vendor!

Gotta run but I promise to be more diligent in posting in my blog and reminding you to read it. 

Remember, art is everywhere - even in the beautiful Fall foliage we see all around us - waiting to be captured on tile, gift bags, bookmarks, coasters, and even concrete - Not Just Canvas!