Projects! Ideas! Oh my!

Submitted by diana on Sat, 12/12/2015 - 1:54pm

Afternoon all!

Yes, it is the busy time of year.  Today it's about 70 degrees here in North Texas, with the leaves finally being blown off the trees.  Not a good day to do yard work raking leaves - just blow back at ya!  Oh well!  Another season!

I painted the mug boots - slow going with the Glossies Liquitex paints.  Too fast and the paint I'm trying to paint over will lift off, leaving a hole - rats!  Patience!  Will post a pic manana - no sun today and the light is already fading at almost 2 pm!  Sent a pic of the boots to client - LOVE IT!  Now to tidy up the boot, paint the names on the other side, allow to dry 24 hours, then bake for 30 minutes, cool, allow to set another 24 hours.  THEN I'll package them for delivery, including a gift bag of a boot - LOL!  Just love doing these!

Painted a test wine glass - LOTS of interest this time.  Learning how to paint again with the Glossies Liquitex paints - it's pretty "watery", not runny but shows brushmarks ver well.  In the late '90s I painted a LOT of wine glasses, coasters to match and sold them for $25/set of 4.  No wonder they sold out quickly!  Will offer the same price now, inflation on the glasses hasn't increased, thank you Dollar Tree, but the paints - YES!

Tomorrow will be busy too - finishing up a ceramic tile, the boot mugs, and working on grapes for glasses AND going to dinner with step-daughter and grandkids - always fun!

Busy week next week - Monday, "Tank" will be delivered.  "Tank" is a beloved pup on a 6" ceramic tile.  I paint "Van Gough"-like, impressionist-like.  So, Tank doesn't lok exactly like his photo I used as a reference.  Client LOVES it!  As you will soon see, he has one "bug" eyeball which i captured!  Yay! 

Tuesday I deliver another 6" ceramic tile of an OSU emblem, to a friend I worked with at the Mission.  Quite the challenge painting this one!  Only 4 colors with FINE lines.  Perhaps I'll try taping off the initial lines but betcha it takes the paint off already there.  Oh well, it's isn't a stamp - hand painting isn't exact.  He wants it shipped, best hurry especially this time of year and pad it heavily!  Will be good to see everyone at the Mission.  I haven't been back since my accident 9/29.  Leg still hurts and tender.  Guess I'm a slow-poke healer!  Oh well!  Could be much worse!

Wednesday evening we have an appointment with our BFFs' travel agent to get our trip to Italy in April booked.  Just looking on line to book a series of flights online - worth the $50 the agent charges!  Will be a great trip - we travel very well together plus GOING TO ITALY!  Did I mention that!?!

Thursday - hair appointment, picking up item for granddaughter's Christmas, home to make ?? for Book Klub Christmas Party at 6:30 p.m.  Plus get their little "somethings" ready.  I made 9 quarts of chicken stock yesterday, gave away 3 quarts to BFF.  I thought I only had two 3-cup containers left in the freezer.  Imagine my surprise finding another 6 from the last batch.  Oh well, it keeps and is yummy made from a Costco chicken carcus!

Best get publish this blog, head to the kitchen to make pumpkin cinnamon muffins for the party tonight, shower and get dressed - we leave at 5:14.5 pm.  Or there abouts. 

Leave me a message on my facebook page about my blog - if you find it informative or annoying!  I love to write!

Remember - art is right beside you - look at that graceful ficus growing beside your desk - beauty!


Friday - I don't think anything is scheduled - good!