Submitted by diana on Thu, 08/20/2015 - 10:19am

Morning everyone!  It's nice to be back home after 2 weeks, almost 5000 miles and 7 states.  Hubby did all the driving - I was the navigator.  Only missed a couple of turns, and in my defense, Colorado has poor signage.  Vacations are wonderful but there is no place like home!

I've reduced the prices on several items on the website, just in time to start thinking of the holiday shopping.  While on the road, I made several contacts, one in Colorado with a shop owner who asked me to design ceramic tiles just for her - eagles, bison, bears, coyote howling at the moon - to name a few.  All will be in black silhouette with a few details picked out in color.  Will be making a shipment in the next few weeks.

Have several orders to fill - yay!  Received 3 step stone orders, 3 sets of bookmarks, and 2 ceramic tiles to paint!  Love being busy! 

Oh yes, the golden retriever Jackson, on a concrete step stone is complete - pic soon to be posted after delivery is made.  Don't wanna spoil the surprise for the customer!

Best get busy - tiles and bookmarks won't get painted by themselves! 

Remember - art is everywhere - even in a pile of Fall leaves or freshly mowed grass.