Sunday afternoon - Contract, Proposal, Orders, Oh My!!!!

Submitted by diana on Sun, 07/19/2015 - 6:11pm

Afternoon all!  Thank you for reading my blogs.  Today I decided to paint - well, that didn't happen right away.  The studio was looking shabby and well, disorderly.  You know me, I can't stand things a mess!  A local charity truck will be here Friday morning for a pick up of "gently used items".  What started out as just 2 bags of clothes has morphed into filling the hallway with odds and ends.  Any one need printer ink for an old HP?  Small cartridges in basic colors - charity gets them.  Finally getting the boxes the computer and printer came in OUT the door, no place to store them - unless I put the boxes in hubby's music room.  Hmmmm, wonder if I can get away with that?!  Nah. 

Commission Contract

After the "cat episode", I discovered I MUST have a written and signed contract when being commissioned for an art piece.  Only makes sense - and keeps us both safe, the Artist and the Collector.  Found one online, tweaked it to fit my needs and yay!  It's there!  No more pieces sitting here unpaid, no deposit and me out all that work, not to mention time.  Yay!  Got that done!  Now to share with another artist!


I have to prepare a proposal for two dog rescue organizations, to allow them to put my artwork on their website, while collecting a percentage of my sales for their rescue efforts.  Had my thinking cap on, well the back burner part, and come up with using the same as the Commission Contract basically.  Usually for fund raisers, the organization buys my art wholesale, pays me, then retails it for what they can get.  My website tells that policy and such.  I do charge a design fee ranging from $20-$100, depending on the complexity of the design and reproduction efforts.  Some designs for the bookmarks are made into a template for the basic outline, painted, then details added with ink.  Look at the Doggies in Waiting set and the Cattitude set on my website.  The only paint is the color part - the rest is ink.  As I'm getting older, my hands shake a little when I get tired, rendering a straight line is impossible, leaving blobs of paint and another bookmark for the "design" pile.  Rats!   I digress......  The proposal will allow the organizations to link my website to theirs, all orders coming thru my website and payment of course.  Commissions will have a contract signed.  Just have to figure out a way for the organization to get their money and me paid too.    Well, I may be putting the cart before the horse on this one.  A lady will call me tomorrow night and pitch her ideas.  Just being linked to another website is a great way for advertising and getting orders.  Maybe I'm just thinking too hard on this one!  A simple solution is out there!


I wrote up orders from the bookmarks, ceramic tiles, and step stones.  The bookworms will be delivered some time the next two weeks, waiting in a plastic box.  The bookmarks for both cat and dogs are waiting to be painted with the customer name and such.  Those bookmarks paid thru Square will be painted and shipped out by Tuesday - yay!  The ceramic tiles for departed fur babies (3) are going out next week - a memorial with no charge.  Good PR!

My calendar is full of business things to do - message/tickle customers reminding them of their request for a product, upload items on Pinterest and Etsy (not done yet - BIG job!), contact Marshall Grain for another order, mail off the bookmarks and contract to Under the Stars in Ohio, work on templates for the greyhounds and labradores to submit.  Plus get ready for vacation in 2 weeks.  Nah, I'll put the vacation stuff all together a few days before and not stress about it.  After all,,,,, it is vacation!  Not like we are going to a foreign country without stores or shops.  Sheesh!

That's all for now - checking my lists twice and making new ones.  Love love love my new printer - double sided! 

Remember - art is just outside your door, waiting to be seen, smelled, felt, tasted, and heard.  Art isn't just pieces, it's food, music, fabrics, and well, life!