Surprise Call and Order!

Submitted by diana on Tue, 06/30/2015 - 2:30pm

Thought I would take a moment to share a wonderful surprise with you!  Saturday morning I got a call from a strange number, so I let it go to voice mail.  In this day and age, lots of random calls are being made, my take is that if the people want to talk to me they will leave a message.  This call did!

I called back after listening to the message - an order!!!  A lady was at Whiz Q Stone shopping for a painted garden stone with the saying "You Are My Rock" on it.  All they had were laser cut rocks, custom orders taking 6-8 weeks, and very expensive.  She wanted it Monday for her wedding anniversary.  Her inquiry inside the store led to her getting a copy of my business card, she called my number on the website and boom!  I was driving there to meet a customer!

The river rock was the size of a large person's entire hand - about 6" tall, and 5" across, very pretty.  She showed me what she wanted painted, we agreed on a price and delivery date, right then and there - yay!!!

Monday I delivered the rock.  She was VERY HAPPY and LOVED it!!!!  She works with teachers in a school district and was interested in my bookmarks as little gifts.  I gave her one of my bookworm bookmarks which she loved.  Stay tuned for this one!

A little marketing and PR goes a long way!  I was very happy and left 2 more cards with Norma at Whiz Q.  Ever so nice of her to remember me and give my customer the info! 

Doin da Happy Dance!!!!