Tail of Three Doggies

Submitted by diana on Fri, 07/17/2015 - 3:44pm

Afternoon all!  It's a hot one here in North Texas.  It's already getting close to 100 degrees and it's not even August - ugh!  Oh well, makes us appreciate that lovely invention - air conditioning!

I created the series of three dog bookmarks after a dear friend (who makes amazing ceramic beads, check out her website NKP Designs) suggested I paint cat and dog bookmarks.  I was searching, scratching my widdle head, to come up with "something different" other than floral.  Since there are TONS of fur baby lovers who also love to read, thought I would give it a try.  Here's the journey

Looked around on eBay for ideas, colors, and info.  I NEVER copy another artist's work.  Besides the copyright laws, that is downright stealing.  I look for reference, think on it a while, and boom!  The pen and paintbrush come to life under my humble hands.

I had a cat years ago, Puddy Tat, while I lived in California, not allergic then.  Dogs - always been afraid of dogs since being bit by a Saint Bernard mix when I was 12.  Pretty traumatized.  Friends have often said dogs can smell fear on anyone.  I believe it.  Thought I would give ya a little background.

Here's the journey of the dog bookmarks

1.  Used the same template as for the cat bookmarks, but made the "bottom" of the dog larger, moved the tail, made it "wag", changed the ears.

2.  Selected 3 basic colors - there are so many to choose from!  I wanted to keep it basic and simple for my customers, so I chose reddish brown, tan, and a gold color.

3.  Drew the dog template, cut it out and started experimenting.

4.  First is the paint color.  I mixed two shades of brown to give variety of color and shows movement.  Unfortunately, when I added the "fur", that disappeared.  Gonna work on that one!

5.  Next, I added what I thought dogs would have around - a ball, the newspaper, and of course, a bone or chew toy.  I wanted to keep it simple, and did!  Any suggestions for other items are welcome!

6.  A collar is a must for all pets!  I drew different ones - red, black, and a "spiked" type. 

7.  Last is inking in all the fur, highlighting the ears. 

Ta Daaaaaa!  Done! 

Today I took pix of the individual dogs, plus the group of 3, posted them on the website for your purchasing pleaseure.

I declined to have a face on the dogs - still a work in progress.  Putting a nose with eyes and a smile often looks like a pickle with two olives.  Plus I wanted to keep these simple.  After all, it's just a bookmark, not a pet portrait.  That's a whole 'nuther blog!

Have a wonderful afternoon, thank you for reading my blog of my artist journey. 

Remember, an artist can't eat from you merely looking at their work.  BUYING a work of art will allow the artist to eat, plus create More artwork!