"Tank" the Feisty Little Dog!

Submitted by diana on Mon, 12/14/2015 - 10:14am

Morning Y'all!

What a beautiful sunny day!  The studio is lite up like ten 100 watt bulbs!  Great for picture taking which I did!  Pix coming of the ceramic mugs finished, the ceramic tile finished, and soon the glasses, once I get another painted. 

Painting with acrylics is much easier than painting with enamel "cooking" paints.  Consistency is different and oh wow!  It's all good!

This week looks to be pretty busy with deliveries, parties, postings, and being creative which I LOVE!  Today a customer is taking delivery of Tank, this little fur baby.  Doesn't just look sooooo anxious to play catch with you!?!  I love his bugeyed look, like he's giving you the "eye".  That was fun to capture in my Van Gough type painting. 

Tomorrow is another 2 deliveries - one a set of ceramic mugs with a boot and name painted on, and the other (if I get it finished today, fingers crossed!) is a tile with OSU painted on it.  That is a challenge, keeping those lines straight.  Back to the drawing board to make the next two easier for me - templates! 

Wednesday hubby and I are going to shop for another Prius, trading in our old faithful friend, Cherry da '01 Honda.  She has just 120K miles on her.  Hubby wants to pay off a newer car before he retires in 3 years.  YAY!  Afternoon is packed with fun-filled events too - travel agency with BFFs to book our April trip to Italy - yay! And off to have a delicious supper. 

Thursday is our Book Klub Christmas party and gift exchange in the evening.  Coordinating with those who need/want a ride to the southside of town.

Friday is an at home day - I hope!  We all need those!  May see grandkids - such a busy time of year!

Saturday is wine tastings and eating out - Sunday is a Ladies Tea with Cookie Exchange - wonder when I'll make those cookies!?!  No worries! 

Best get back to painting that OSU tile!

Remember - art comes in many forms - the written word, spoken word, strummed strings, and gesters of hand and body.  Oh my!