Why the Price of Art is "So High"

Submitted by diana on Thu, 12/10/2015 - 5:10pm

Good afternoon all!

Busy day which is how I like it, most of the time!   Keep those orders coming, hopefully, filled from present stock!  I would like to share a few thoughts with you today as well!

When I started Not Just Canvas, again, I had a few items to purchase and restocking to do - computer, printer, ink cartridges, paper, website, paint supplies, brushes, ink pens, tiles, gift bags, bookmarks, ribbon, gift tags, business cards, concrete step stones, sealant, tile bumpers - just to name some "things" i needed to get started.  Plus I had to get a  Tax ID number and set up a Square Account.  Thank goodness the Facebook group pages are "free"!

Wow I'm tired just typing all of this and I KNOW I missed something!  Oh yes, packing and shipping supplies (free from the post office - yay!), stamps, envelopes - yikes!  Fortunately for me, between my social security and work pension, I bring home almost what I did before retirement so our bank account wasn't tooo depleted!  Hubby is very understanding and knows how much making a success of Not Just Canvas means to me....  Once the orders started coming in - I was happily busy once again - marketing, building inventory, designing, networking, taking orders and making deliveries, my favorite part of this adventure!

Speaking of orders, I received an order for coffee mugs, generated from the pix I posted earlier this week - yay!  Well, not so much a yay, as an "uh-oh! my Glossies paints dried completely up!"  So I looked to the internet, like most of us do, instead of shopping around, found what I wanted, placed the order - almost - the shipping was $8 for only 9 two ounce bottles of paint!  What?!?!?!?!  Uh- NO!  So off I went to my favorite art supply store here in Fort Worth, Asel Art.  Shopped there exclusively for many years, until I stopped painting in '11.  Well, let me tell ya - their prices were EXACTLY what another website had, without the shipping!!!  Go figure!  Me and my little Prius toddled on down past downtown Fort Worth, found a parking spot right by the door - good thing since my broken and healing leg has been hurting a lot of late.  I was in and out of there in less than 10 minutes!  They had all the colors i needed, except red but that's for after the first of the year which is a mere 3 weeks away.  I CAN wait that long!  Ahhhh - it was heaven being in that store!  My designing brain and thoughts were in full throttle - nothing held back, except my almost empty wallet!  Another day to buy and try oil pastels.  I bought some at a garage sale late summer and wanted to try.  U-Tube here I come!

Any who - next time you look at any kind of art work, think of his/her supplies, creativity, and talent that goes into his/her work.  Of course, one never gets their time spent back in any form.  Every design I come up with always takes about a day or so to refine and define.  However, at times, others are quick and surprise me!  When visiting a booth, don't pull a "flea market" price offer!  Pay what is posted and compliment the artist.  They worked hard to get their items into the market place.  Those times when I'm able to attend an art opening or craft show, I always look for that vendor that isn't very busy and buy something, words of encouragement and praise are always welcome!

It's "o-dark-thirty" as my sweet daddy used to say so I'll bid you good evening.  Will post the ceramic tile pet portrait I've worked on tomorrow with good light, work on another tile commission, the mugs, fine tune the proposal for local pet docs in my area for end of life memory tile.......................... uh-oh!  Best write this all down!

Tomorrow is another day!  Hugs!